Endocrinology 101: Is My Thyroid Working? A Guide to Disease Symptoms

When our thyroid is working correctly, we don’t give it another thought. But when there is an incorrect amount of thyroid hormone in our bodies, we take notice. Thyroid hormone is important for regulating many body functions and Thyroid dysfunction can affect our metabolism, heart rate, body temperature, and digestion.

How the thyroid malfunctions

There are essentially two ways the thyroid malfunctions,

Endocrinology 101: The Role of Hormones

Sierra Nevada Specialty Care has developed Endocrinology 101, a series of blogs designed to help you understand the endocrine system and its role in your body’s overall function and development. In this first blog we discuss the role of hormones.

What are hormones?
Hormones are commonly associated with reproduction and their effect on moods or behavior.