Endocrinology 101: Is My Thyroid Working? A Guide to Disease Symptoms

When our thyroid is working correctly, we don’t give it another thought. But when there is an incorrect amount of thyroid hormone in our bodies, we take notice. Thyroid hormone is important for regulating many body functions and Thyroid dysfunction can affect our metabolism, heart rate, body temperature, and digestion.

How the thyroid malfunctions

There are essentially two ways the thyroid malfunctions,

Endocrinology 101: The Role of Hormones

Sierra Nevada Specialty Care has developed Endocrinology 101, a series of blogs designed to help you understand the endocrine system and its role in your body’s overall function and development. In this first blog we discuss the role of hormones.

What are hormones?
Hormones are commonly associated with reproduction and their effect on moods or behavior.

Sierra Nevada Nephrology Creates Multi-Specialty Brand—Sierra Nevada Specialty Care

RENO, Nev. (Monday, November 8, 2021) – Sierra Nevada Nephrology has created a multi-specialty entity to expand patient services for better care continuity and coordination between subspecialties: Sierra Nevada Specialty Care. Sierra Nevada Specialty Care will include Sierra Nevada Nephrology, an already-established provider in kidney services in northern Nevada, and now Sierra Nevada Endocrinology, a comprehensive endocrinology division led by Dr.

Dialysis System

What is Dialysis and When is it Necessary?

Our kidneys play a critical role in our bodies, performing many functions to keep our blood clean and chemically balanced.

Kidney functions include:

  • Filtering blood to rid it of metabolic waste products and foreign particles, which helps to regulate blood pressure
  • Balancing body fluid
  • Keeping electrolytes (sodium and potassium being the most important) and water content of the body constant
  • Activating vitamin D,
Doctor Measuring Blood Pressure Of Patient

High Blood Pressure: The Whole Body Disease

There’s a reason why every doctor’s visit, no matter what it’s for, involves having a cuff wrapped around your upper arm and pumped until a nurse or medical assistant stops and says some numbers. Ideally, those numbers are 120 over 80, or slightly lower.

What you may not hear is what those numbers actually mean and why they’re so important.

Man kidney failure, Renal failure against gray background

Preventing Chronic Kidney Disease

It can be easy to miss the signs when our kidneys aren’t functioning properly. But since kidneys are vital to our overall health, it’s important to know what to look for . This is critical if you fall into any at-risk groups, including those with diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history of kidney disease.